Eye Disease Treatment in Arlington

Diagnosing and treating eye diseases in Arlington

Eye Disease treatment in Arlington

Eye Disease treatment in Arlington

If you are looking for an excellent vision practice where you can receive a comprehensive eye exam as well as eye disease treatment in Arlington, you will want to visit us at A Visual Affair.

When you come into our office and optical store for a comprehensive eye exam, or eye disease treatment in Arlington, you will be seen by our expert optometrist, Dr. Bindal. Our optometrist is able to not only offer complete eye exams, but can also prescribe medicines to treat eye infections, including such problems as conjunctivitis and corneal ulcers, and treat eye diseases such as glaucoma and uveitis. It is very important that everyone has eye exams on a yearly basis since there are many eye diseases and disorders which show no obvious symptoms in the early stages. However, it is during these times that treatment can be most effective in saving your precious vision. A complete eye exam will take about 30 minutes at our office. During the eye exam, our eye doctor will determine the precise eyeglass prescription you need, if any. Your eyes will be evaluated to make sure you do not have any cataracts developing. Should you have cataracts, our eye doctor will be able to monitor their progression and let you know when laser surgery is needed. You will also have a neurological and binocular evaluation, as well as have your color vision and depth perception measured, when indicated. A simple and painless test will be made to measure your intraocular pressure, which when high, could be a sign of glaucoma. Your retina will also be examined to find any diseases which can include hypertension, diabetes, macular degeneration, and any retinal holes or tears. If necessary, we offer visual field testing. Retinal imaging can also help to detect vision and health problems. We will usually schedule eye dilation for a later visit.

For an eye exam and for eye disease treatment in Arlington, simply contact us today.

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