Alexandria Optometrist

Optometrist in Alexandria Choose an optometry practice that offers you a full range of services and products. That's us at A Visual Affair. When it comes to your vision, we are confident that no other office gives you more in terms of high level of care and choice of eyewear, including eyeglass lenses, designer frames, and contact lenses. In addition, your eye health is a … [Read more...]

Washington DC Optical Eyewear

Designer eyewear in Washington DC If you want to buy a great new pair of designer eyewear, you should come to see us at our optical store and vision practice, A Visual Affair. At our optical store you can purchase exciting new Washington DC optical eyewear, as well as receive a comprehensive eye exam from our top-notch optometrist, Dr. Bindal. At our optical store, we … [Read more...]

Arlington Glaucoma

Optometrist in Arlington Glaucoma is a very serious eye disease that can cause blindness if it goes undetected and untreated in a timely fashion. Arlington glaucoma testing is the only way area residents can guard against this eye ailment and prevent eventual blindness. Our doctor, Dr. Bindal, OD is a trained professional eye care specialist who has extensive experience in … [Read more...]

Eyeglasses in Arlington

Eyeglass prescriptions in Arlington If you need to get a new pair of eyeglasses, you will want to visit us at A Visual Affair. At our vision practice, patients are able to get expert eye exam so that they can receive just the right prescription, as well as get an exciting new pair of eyeglasses in Arlington; our top-notch optometrist is Dr. Bindal. Before you get your new … [Read more...]

Arlington Optometrist

Eye exams in Arlington When was the last time you had an eye exam? Generally, people of all ages should see their eye doctor at least once a year for a comprehensive exam in order to look out for any signs or symptoms relating to eye diseases or vision impairments. These are things that can occur in anyone, which is why annual exams are so highly recommended. If you happen … [Read more...]

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