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Testimonials from our customers

I love the location and the service is always top notch. Dr. Bindal is always professional and friendly. The staff always helps me with any questions I may have before I see Dr. Bindal. I would definitely recommend A Visual Affair for all your eye care needs. – Eric W.

Dr. Bindal was great. This is the first time I ha€™ve ever seen so clearly. All these years, my glasses have been too strong, and all the other doctors start with my old prescription. Dr. Bindal starts from scratch and does something called retinscopy, by which he determines my prescription based on how the light reflects off of my retina. I’€™ve never had anyone do that before, but what a difference it makes. My eyes are so much more relaxed, strain free, especially when I do close up work. – Stacy B.

Absolutely a good decision I made coming here. I got the best treatment. – Tina L.

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