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Arlington eye exam

Arlington eye exam

We want you to enjoy the best vision you can achieve, with optimal comfort, and also the best compliment to your appearance. Our eye care products here at A Visual Affair encompass the fundamentals, and we make them our priorities for providing you, our valued customer, with outstanding eyewear and service.

When you get eyeglasses, there are two components to them. First, and of greatest importance, are the lenses themselves. They need to carry the ideal prescription for you so that you can have sharpness and clarity all the time. Our eye doctor will determine the right prescription when you come in for our Arlington eye exam. There are various simple, but accurate and effective, tests that make it possible to zero in on your visual needs. You might be nearsighted, farsighted, have astigmatism, presbyopia, or some combination of those refractive issues. As a result of our Arlington eye exam, you’ll be getting either single vision (monofocal) lenses, bifocal, or multifocal. Eyeglass lenses are not all the same, of course. We offer advanced progressive lenses that give you multifocal benefits while eliminating the line or lines that are part of standard bifocal and trifocal lenses. You can also get scratch resistant, anti-reflective, or polarized lenses, made by the names you can have confidence in. Speaking of which, your frames will bear the name of a famous and admired designer like Tom Ford, Burberry, Prada, LaFont Paris, Giorgio Armani, and Movado. We also have sunglasses, in prescription or nonprescription form. And don’t forget our full line of contact lenses, if that’s your preference. We have both gas-permeable and soft varieties, including those that are designed to correct astigmatism.

We make it easy for you to schedule our Arlington eye exam. Just click in the “book an appointment” tab at the top of our website, or call our office.

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